• Whats in a Name - Contest

    Garret Phenix - 06/26/2013

    Naming your business can be tricky. There are many different approaches, do you use your own name, something personal (pet name / favourite animal / colour etc), quirky, relevant or unique to stand out and be remembered. Theres lots of options, and often they are a mix of several of these approaches. But one thing is common between all business names, a good name with good design / branding to support it, will help you stand out.

    At Oneaftereight Design Studio, we are no different. We wanted a name that was unique and would stand out, personal and somewhat quirky. We settled on Oneaftereight, a name that caught peoples attention and piqued their interest, but had them guessing at what it stood for, and we have fostered that curiosity ;) When asked what it stood for, we simply gave them a smile, said company secret and asked "what do you think it stands for / means".

    We have had many people guess over the years, some close, some extreamly creative and elaborate and all very entertaining. So with that we have decided to throw a contest for you to guess what Oneaftereight stands for. Lets us know what you think its stands for and you could win up to $130 in Oneaftereight discount coupons towards a future projects with us.

    Contest Rules
    Contest open July 1st - August 29th, 2013, with winners to be announced by September 5th, 2013
    1) Guess your 3 top choices on what you think Oneaftereight stands for
    2) Answer our skill testing question, which is to visit our portfolio section and let us know whats your favourite project
    3) Email your 3 guesses and skill testing answer to info@oneaftereight.com before the contest closing date - August 29th

    Winners will be announced by September 5th, 2013.

    1) Top Prize: $130.00 in Oneaftereight discount coupons, plus one (1) bottle of wine will be drawn from the list of top prize winners
    Top prize will be awarded to all participants who guess what Oneaftereight stands for correctly OR in the case of the of no direct winners, the top 5 participants randomly drawn from the participants with the closest answers will be awarded the top prize.

    2) Secondary Prize (5): $65.00 Oneaftereight discount coupon
    Secondary Prizes will be awarded to the top 5 participant with the most creative answers.

    Good luck, and we look forward to receiving all your guesses.

    Garret Phenix BAA (VC), Owner


    * Participants are limited to winning either a Top prize or Secondary Prize amount and will be awarded the highest prize amount of the two if applicable

    Must be legal drinking age to be entered into the bottle of wine draw